4 New alternatives to Chrome you might not know about

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been the most popular web browsers for quite some time and while they still remain at the top of the list, competition is definitely getting fiercer. If you’d like to get some innovative and fresh browsing features we have some excellent new alternatives to Chrome you should check out.

Chrome may have a huge collection of extensions but it’s not exactly battery friendly and having a lot of tabs open makes it quite memory-hungry.

4 Fresh & new alternatives to Chrome

There are other well-known web browsers you could try such as Microsoft Edge or Opera, but we won’t talk about these today. Instead, we’ll focus on new alternatives to Chrome that are not as popular but offer a different approach to web browsing.

Cocoon (Windows, Mac)

In its infancy, Cocoon was a Firefox addon that included a collection of privacy and security tools. However, it is now a fully-featured web browser but has retained its focus on privacy and security.

Once you create an account in Cocoon, click the Power button in the browser. This will start its advanced security functions. All sent and received data via the browser will be encrypted via Cocoon’s servers where your downloads will also be scanned with an antivirus to make sure malware doesn’t infect your PC.

Cocoon also offers other security features such as the ability to block Facebook from tracking you, plus you can install Firefox add-ons from the Marketplace.

Colibri (Windows, Mac)

The world of Internet browsing has suddenly changed back when tab support was added to web browsers. Ending up with a dozen or more tabs open isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience so if you’d like a minimalistic and distraction-free browser Colibri pretty much sums it up.

No tabs, a clean main window with a small title bar and a search icon that lets you google show Colibri provides a much simpler approach to web browsing. There’s also a bookmarking feature but it works somewhat different than what we’re used to: you can simply save links and make lists with them.

Colibri works well although it’s worth mentioning the app is still in beta and you can get the download link by emailing the developers. It’s an automated process though, so you’ll get the download link right away.

Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)

If you’ve been searching for some new alternatives to Chrome for your Android or iOS device, Firefox Focus is a reliable and lightweight browser that also bundles excellent privacy features.

Focus also provides just one window without tab support, just like Colibri. It’s also designed with privacy in mind so it will never store your browsing history or passwords, plus it blocks third-party trackers by default.

Download Firefox Focus for Android

Download Firefox Focus for iOS

Brave (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)

Ads can be incredibly annoying but they also keep our favorite websites alive and free. Truth be told, not all ads are equal and there are numerous websites that ensure they deliver inobtrusive ads that won’t ruin your browsing experience.

Most ad-blockers allow you to create whitelists, but this can take quite some time. Brave is a new browser that offers a different approach to ad-blocking. It was designed to disable trackers and block the ads it considers “bad”.

It also has an interesting system that allows you to support the websites you visit most frequently even though you’re blocking some or all of their ads. Brave enables you to load a virtual wallet with a small amount, and at the end of the month, it will divide that money to pay your favorite sites whose ads it blocked.

Other than that, Brave works like any established browser plus it’s 100% free.


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